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Here follows some links links to other sites on the internet. If any aren't working, or if you want your site added, please contact me.

Disco Inferno - from Sweden!

Very comprehensive! A bumper page for disco addicts

West End Records homepage

Mainly 1980's dance music, but a great site

Disco Imperium
Disco music database including Radio, Art & MP3.

Disco 45's - Your 7" disco place
Up and coming new site exploring the world of the 7" disco single


Vinyl Records & DJ Resources
Extensive resources on DJ Techniques, Equipment and Learning to DJ tutorials


Seductive 70's cover art from the Disco era

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Buying disco music on the web

Global Electronic Music Marketplace
A marketplace for disco vinyl sellers - you'll find all you need here (Phil uses this service for almost all his purchases). See right.

Low-price disco music on 12" vinyl
Mostly Unidisc reissues

Craig Moerer's Records by Mail
This guy has a lot of 7" funk, disco and rare-groove and also well-priced disco 12" vinyl.

21st Century Music
Based in New Jersey, these guys have some very rare early 12" singles. Stock comes in & out all the time so keep checking. Very fast service, and good prices.

GEMM preferred sellers

I'm not plugging these companies for any financial reason, just because I order disco music from them regularly and I'm happy with their services.

Un-scene Records - UNSCENEREC

Based in Chicago, UNSCENE is the cheapest place on the web for a lot of disco 12". Bill has a great selection of 12" singles from 1978-1980, although few before. Labels? Best if you're looking for Casablanca, T.K. Disco, Arista etc. I even found quite a few Salsoul, (early) West End and Prelude 12"s here. Most of his 12" records are $5 each.

Black Rhythm Records - BRR

Based in Holland this is a good bet for the European customer (although most of their stock is US 12"). This is the place to be for labels like Chocolate City (they have nearly every item on this label!) and West End. Their prices begin at around $5.99 although most items will be more than this.

Beach Bum Collectables - BEACHBUM

Long established in GEMM on the web, Beachbum seem to have the rarest and largest selection of disco 12" in GEMM. Al's site is especially good because he provides a complete description of each record in stock, complete with music style, producer etc. and any interesting facts about the record. He is also extremely knowledgeable about early 12" disco records and the early days of disco so if you have any questions about these he'll probably know the answers!

Other disco resources on the web

The Great Disco Labels List
A very comprehensive matrix reference for 1970's disco labels.

LP2CD - Restorations and Transfers to CD of any recordings (LP, 78, 8-tracks, reel)
Including 1970's disco music.

Black Music Collectors
Very interesting site including catalogues of 1970's disco music, and information about the first 12" singles.

Disco dancing homepages

The Hustle Dance Club

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