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The Disco Bibliography

Welcome to the Disco Bibliography. I've tried to put together a list of a few books to help you in your quest for the feel of the disco age. Or maybe you want to learn the rope hustle or revelation walk. Hope you'll find it here.

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"Precious and Few: Pop music in the early seventies"

Don & Jeff Breithaupt

[New York]: St. Martin's Griffin, 1996

[Toronto]: McClelland & Stewart, 1996

New! - A great guide to 1970's music, including 70's pop, soul, philly, and of course disco

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Albert Goldman

[New York]: Hawthorn books, 1978

A fabulous history of disco with many photos

"Disco dancing tonight: Clubs, dances, fashion, music"

Andy Blackford

[London]: Octopus books, 1979

"The Disco Hustle"

Carter Lovisone

[London]: Ward Lock, 1979

"Roller Disco Dancing"

Kerry Kollmar

[New York]: Sterling, 1979

[London]: Oak Tree Press, Ward Lock, 1979

"Jazz dance & Jazz gymnastics, including Disco Dancing"

Uta Fischer-Munstermann

[New York]: Sterling, 1978

[London]: Ward Lock, 1978

"The official guide to Disco Dance steps"

Jack & Kathleen Sims Villari

[London]: Hamlyn, 1979

[US]: Quality Books, 1978

"Roller Disco"

Dale A. Marzano

[London]: Hamlyn, 1979

[US]: Quality Books, 1979

"Saturday Night Fever"

H. B. Gilmour

[London, Toronto]: Bantam Books, 1977

Based on Norman Wexler's screenplay of Nik Cohn's story

"Tribal rites of the new Saturday Night"

Nik Cohn

[New York]: New York Magazine, June 7th 1976

The original short story on which Saturday Night Fever was based

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