The Oscar winning (!) Casablanca / Motown film "Thank God it's Friday" gave Alec the opportunity to have his music on the big screen. As well as his recently released "Romeo and Juliet" being used in the film, Alec was also commissioned to write the theme tune to the film itself.

Love and Kisses's second offering was the result and although an album was never released for the two new tracks, they were both featured on the soundtrack album. However they were released promotionally as one-sided 12" singles in the US and the pictured singles were taken from the special 10-record DJ pack of the film soundtrack.

Love and Kisses's theme to "Thank God it's Friday" even reached the US Billboard charts.

Love and Kisses -
You're the most
precious thing in my life
12" - Casablanca NBD 20121

Love and Kisses -
Thank God it's Friday
12" - Casablanca NBD 20123