Alec's final Casablanca album. Side 1 is for discos, side 2 is slower; and surprisingly Alec wrote none of the tracks on side 1, merely conducting his Syncophonic Orchestra. In fact the tracks on side 1 were written (or adapted) by Alirol and Jacquet. Alec's magic touch is still present, though - just listen to the introduction of "The rite of King Gymenaud".

We also like Pontius Pilate - the sound is back to the good old days of the Sphinx album of two years previously.

Alec R. Costandinos  - Featuring Alirol and Jacquet -    Casablanca NBLP 7182

Recorded at Trident Studios, London and Ferber Studios, Paris

Side 1 : Synergy (Alirol, Jacquet, Brion) 8:33
         The rite of King Gymenaud (Alirol, Jacquet) 6:30
         Pontius Pilate (Alirol, Jacquet) 4:03
Side 2 : For amusement only (Alirol, Jacquet) 5:53
         Mangareva (Alirol, Jacquet, Costandinos, Brion) 5:19
         Benedite (Alirol, Jacquet, Costandinos) 4:48

Conducted by Raymond Jimenez

Cover design by Gribbitt!