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The ultimate 1970's disco discography.

From The Bee Gee's to Celi Bee, Musique to Mystique, it's all here.

All tracks mentioned in the discographies are certified 100% freaking boogying hustling bumping bus-stopping pure disco dancers. This site concentrates on the peak of the disco era from 1974 to 1982.

Last updated 3rd May 2009.

All the discographies on this site are now updated with all known 12" singles. My current project is to scan every 12" record label in my collection. You'll notice new artist descriptions appear in the indexes, and more scans and info will appear on the artists currently listed.

Phil's favourite disco groove this week...

Samba Soul - Chove chuva/Mas que nada

Terrific danceable version of Sergio Mendes' classic latin flavoured track. Samba Soul's version from 1977, released on 12" by New York's RCA records, is a big long mix that builds really well - then breaks down again with a bassline and disco break like you've never heard.

previous disco grooves...

The Disco Discography

Use the table on the right to select the first letter of the name (or surname) of the disco artist whose discography you would like to see. For example, select B for Boney M; try D for John Davis; and T for Andrea True Connection.

All vinyl listed in the discography for each artist is on 7" single unless otherwise stated. (LP, 12" or 10" will be shown after the label for other formats). Compilation LPs are not included, nor are reissues. Only issues from 1970-1982 are shown (except where the first pressing of a record from the 1970's was in the 1980's, for example). The discographies mostly rely on the UK labels although I am in the process of changing this to list the US 12" label of release.

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Phil's top 5 most-played disco tracks this week:

1) Samba SoulChuve chuva / Mas que nada(RCA 12")1977
2) Tommy StewartFulton County line(Abraxas LP cut)1976
3) Coke EscovedoI wouldn't change a thing(LP cut)1976
4) Jackie RobinsonPussyfooter(Direction [Canada] 12")1977
5) Hubert LawsUndecided(CTI LP cut)1976

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