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12 March 2001

Trammps - Sixty Minute Man

New York's most famous disco group The Trammps evolved their sound from Philly roots. "Sixty minute man" is a classic example of their mid-1970's soul-disco style, and the label shown here is the full length Tom Moulton mix found on a UK only 12" 4-track EP pressed in 1976.

19 March 2001

Love Committee - Where will it end

Mixed by Walter Gibbons and written by Tyson, Harris and Felder, this male-vocal disco track was the first 12" on Gold Mind records. Gold Mind is a sub-label of Salsoul, and this track is the b-side of "Cheaters never win".

26 March 2001

Esther Williams - You gotta let me show you

Mixed on 12" by the famous Tom Moulton, "You gotta let me show you" was the first 12" on Friends & Co. records. It's written by Eddie Drennon, so expect the usual dark, funk bassline and echoed flutes and violins. A must have for any collector of early 12" singles.

02 April 2001

Southroad Connection - Just laying it down

Funky disco magic from New York, "Just laying it down" was the only 12" released on the Mahogany label. It's mixed by Rafael Charres and was released in 1977; Southroad Connection later moved to United Artists for the boogie classic "Take me back for more".

16 April 2001

Terry Callier - Sign of the times

A beautiful disco track with nice deep male vocals and fascinating bassline. Especiallynice is the occasional cracking of the wah-wah guitar.

30 April 2001

East Harlem Bus Stop - Get on down

Taken from their 1976 album on the D&M Sound label, "Get on down" was an early commercial 12" single. It's a groovy, funky disco record and the combination of violins and horns made it equally popular on the rare-groove scene in the 1980's.

14 May 2001

Ashford & Simpson - Bourgie Bourgie

One of the most beautiful instrumental disco tracks of all time. Shown above is the UK-only 12" of "Bourgie bourgie"; this record was later covered by John Davis & the Monster Orchestra, and Gladys Knight.

28 May 2001

Billy Moore - Go dance

A great commercial disco track from 1979, "Go dance" by Billy Moore is a true discostomper and was one of the first 12" on New York's Emergency label.

04 June 2001

Silver Convention - Fly, robin, fly

An early classic disco record from Germany, "Fly, robin, fly" made number one in the UScharts and signified the start of the worldwide disco explosion. It was promotionallyreleased as an early 12" single on Midland records and was given out to disco DJ's only.It's actually the b-side of "Always another girl" and this original pressing is now rare.

11 June 2001

Bettye LaVette - Doin' the best that I can

Classic disco record from New York's West End label. This is the original 7:43 Walter Gibbonsmix, preferable to the minimalist 11:03 remix 12" (although that record is a better DJ tool).

18 June 2001

Grace Jones - Do or die

Seventies model and superstar Grace Jones recorded several disco records in the late1970's, many of which were first played at New York's famous disco Studio 54. "Do or die"is one of these, and it's one of the few records on the Island record mixed by Tom Moulton.A great tune, with nice drum breaks to keep those feet on the disco floor.

02 July 2001

Cubby St. Charles - Party

A lesser known Salsoul act, vocalist Cubby St. Charles released justone 12" from his 1979 album, funky disco classic "Party". It's a verygood mix by Bobby Guttadaro; and we also especially like the b-side - "Shake it".

16 July 2001

Cut Glass - Without your love

A great Hi-NRG disco track from 1979 on its original label, before Cut Glass were signedto 20th Century Records. This 12" was the only release on Ear Hole records.

30 July 2001

Whirlwind - Full time thing

One of the first commercially available 12" singles from the US, "Fulltime thing" by Whirlwind was a minor international disco hit - but itshould have been bigger because it's a great tune. Really nice melodyand orchestration was what made this type of early disco music great.Note that this is a "double-artist" twelve (the b-side is "Touch and go"). Many of these early 12" releases on smaller disco labels featured another artist on the b-side - presumably to plug two greatdisco tracks from labels with a small catalogue!

06 August 2001

Don Ray - Midnight madness

Disco madness and Midnight madness this week from Don Ray, whose only soloalbum was produced by Cerrone ("Love in C minor"). This UK-only12" was released in 1978 on the Polydor "Steppin' out" series.

20 August 2001

Love Symphony Orchestra - Let me be your fantasy

Wicked, ultra long disco track "Let me be your fantasy" features DivaGray on vocals. It's also the only record to be released on theTalpro label - which was a merchandising idea from the Penthouseempire. Oddly enough, the cover for this LP is a triple gatefold...and I bet you can guess what the picture is.

03 September 2001

Jesse Gould - Out of work

Fantastic highly-energised New York disco groove from Patrick Adams's P&Precord label. Jesse Gould's "Out of work" was released in 1978 and features crazy violins,a great bassline and a thumping disco beat. This record was reissued in 1999, but shownabove is the rare original 12" pressing.

10 September 2001

Pacific Blue - Argentina forever

Nice, laid back Prelude release from 1978 with great orchestration and a strong discobeat. You'll find this 12" on blue or black vinyl. It's also the first commercial 12" onNew York's Prelude label, although a few promo-only 12" were released prior to this.

17 September 2001

Chain Reaction - Sweet lady (dance with me)

From the independent New York funk disco label Jam Sessions. "Sweet lady (dance with me)" by Chain Reaction has some great horn stabbing andsynthesizers, and was mixed by John "Jellybean" Benitez. There is no date on the label, but this record is known to have been released in 1979.

01 October 2001

El Coco - I'm mad as hell

Los Angeles disco producers Laurin Rinder and W. Michael Lewis came up with this disco gem in 1977. This is the 12" extended version of a great El Cocotrack which builds really well and sounds great when it peaks. The phrase "I'm mad ashell", incidentally, comes from the film Network, which was firstshown in 1976.

15 October 2001

First Love - Don't say goodnight

Great boogie tune from 1980. Nice bassline, great horns and a mix that really flows - topped off with strong female vocals.This record came out on New York's Dakar label (Bohannon), which is a sub-label of Brunswick.

29 October 2001

Broadway - This funk is made for dancing

When you see Willie Henderson's name amongst the authors of a disco track, youknow that this funk is made for dancing. This eight-minute funkydisco extravanganza has a great intro and is so well mixed that you'll neverlose your interest. By the way, the Hilltak label (which was by 1979 distributedby Atlantic) was originally licensed from Prelude records (for whom Broadwayhad previously recorded).

05 November 2001

Van McCoy - Rhythms of the world

Legendary disco writer and producer Van McCoy came up with this gem ayear after his most famous recording "The hustle". "Rhythms of theworld" is a great tune which is available in the full ten minuteversion on this early 12" single.

12 November 2001

Norma Jean - Sorcerer

Chic producers Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards wrote thisdeep, snappy disco track back in 1978. Norma Jean was a lead vocalist with Chic; she launched her solo career, under the production andsophistication of Nile and Bernard, when she signed to Bearvillerecords.

19 November 2001

Black Ivory - Mainline

Leroy Burgess penned track on the Buddah label from 1979. Thistrack has one of the best basslines you'll ever hear. Collectorsnote - there are two different 12" mixes of this, one of five minutesand one of six. But they both have the same catalogue number!

17 December 2001

O'Jays - I love music

Writers Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff were the instigators of the "Philly Sound", which helped transform soul to disco in the early 1970's. Theirbest known group were The O'Jays, who released the classic Phillydisco track "I love music" in late 1975. Shown above is the first pressingof this nine-minute dancefloor masterpiece on 12" single - it's the UK copywhich predates the American 12" by a year.

24 December 2001

Jimmy Castor Bunch- Space age

Although Jimmy Castor was best known for his early 1970's funk hit "Troglodyte",he recorded disco and funk records well into the 1980's. This gem from 1976is just at the crossover period from his funk to disco sound, and containsthe best elements of both. "Space age" is on promo-only Atlantic recordsand was released in 1976.

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