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03 January 2000

Tony Aiken and Future 2000 - Better days

At the dawn of the new millennium, what better way to remember the disco era than by playing a track by Tony Aiken & future 2000. Better days is a funky, bouncy, high tempo disco track released in 1976, and the copy shown above is on the Kimsha sub-label of New York's Red Greg records. This record is also available on the Shyrlden label.

10 January 2000

BCG - Street talk

B.C.G. is the Bob Crewe Generation. This nice long 12" disco mix of "Street talk" was available to DJ's only on 20th Century records and was released in 1976. A very danceable instrumental hustle track.

17 January 2000

Odia Coates and Paul Anka - Make it up to me in love

This week the unlikely duet of Odia Coates and Paul Anka. However the 12" disco mix by Tom Moulton (above) makes the most of the brilliant instrumental break. A 120bpm disco classic.

24 January 2000

Philly Devotions - I just can't make it

Another Tom Moulton mix. This classic sound of soulful Philly disco was the first 12" released on the Columbia label.

31 January 2000

Gail - Consideration

Along with the Scepter & Wand releases, this was one of the very first 12" singles ever to come out of New York. On Will Crittendon's fledgling SMI label. A nice funky disco track, this will really grow on you. Will Crittendon later worked with the disco group Mantus.

07 February 2000

Demis Roussos - L.O.V.E. got a hold of me

Say what you like about Demis Roussos, but this is one of the best disco tracks to come out of the 1970's. Go on, give it a listen. This 12" promo record was released on Mercury records at the start of 1978.

14 February 2000

Doc Severinsen - I wanna be with you

Doc Sev's great disco classic from 1976 is available on this early Epic Records promo. Look at the pressing though and you'll see it's not exactly a Jose Rodgriguez mastering!

21 February 2000

Mystique - What would the world be without music

Produced by Curtis Mayfield and written by Bunny Sigler, Mystique's 1977 disco hit "What would the world be without music" is available on this Curtom 12" promo.

28 February 2000

Spiders Webb - I don't know what's on your mind

A harsh funky disco sound this week, produced by Jeff Lane of the better known group B.T. Express. This 12" single is an early promo on the Fantasy label and comes in a picture cover.

06 March 2000

Linda Hopkins - It's in your blood

A great rare-groove track from 1977, with firm steady bassline and funky wah-wah guitar. And this is to be expected because the track was written by Billy Nichols (who also wrote for Juggy Murray Jones).

13 March 2000

Ubiquity - Midnight after dark

This is a hunk of pure disco-funk. Produced by Roy Ayers, "Midnight after dark" is guaranteed to make your feet wanna dance. This six minute plus version was released on 12" only as a promo on the Elektra label in 1978.

20 March 2000

Metropolis - New York is my kind of town

A Tom Moulton mix on the Salsoul label - what could be better? This great New York disco record is taken from Metropolis's LP "The greatest show on earth" and is the b-side of that 12" single. And yes - New York is my kind of town.

27 March 2000

Dunn Pearson Junior - Grooove on down

From the New York house of Greg Carmichael's Red Greg records comes thislittle known rare-groove classic "Groove on down". It's a luscious hustling disco trackwith beautiful vocals and snappy wah-wah guitar. Shown above is a 3-track EP although itwas also released on its own on the Shrylden label.

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