Dave Brennan's Jubilee Jazzband

We sadly have to report that Dave died on the 3rd February 2018, aged 81, after a lengthy illness. His funeral service was held at Rotherham Minster which was completely filled by people from all walks of life reflecting Dave’s impact on his local community and the world of jazz.

Dave Brennan

The photo below shows the Jubilee Parade band, led by John Pashley, playing outside the Minster before leading the funeral procession into church. During the service his Jubilee Jazz Band played two tunes particularly associated with Dave.

Dave had been a successful band leader for 57 years with the band playing all over the UK, Belgium, France, Germany and 2 successful trips to the old USSR.

While his death leaves a massive void it has been decided the band will continue under the leadership of Terry Kennedy who was with Dave for the 57 years of his leadership.


Anyone wishing to book the band can do so by contacting Terry Kennedy on +44 7910 503613 or via email at terencek409@gmail.com